Hall of Fame Photo Gallery



These are some of the best and most interesting saxes we've restored and delivered to our customers.


"Bad Boy" The first sax sold by Sax on the Beach in August of 2001.

"Tiffany" A classic five digit 1961 Silver plate Selmer Mark VI bari sax.

"Big Bad Bee" A classic Buescher Big B bari sax.

"Titanic I" Gorgeous Silver plate 1912 French made Buffet bari sax among the most potent baris ever made.


"Silver Elkhart Bari" Listen to a Silver Martin Elkhart Bari made in the mid twenties play Tramp Tramp Tramp and Johnny Comes Marching Home.


"Queen Bee" a gorgeous 1952 Buescher 400 Top Hat and Cane Tenor was sold on Ebay December 2001.

"Super Bee" is a powerful Buescher Aristocrat that sold to Germany.

"My Favorite Martian" was a powerhouse 1937 Martin Searchlight Tenor.

"Mark Seven" Selmer Mark VII tenor sax.

"Silver Cavalier" A great Silver plate Thirties 10M Conn stencil tenor sax.

"Silver Chief" A Gorgeous 1931 Silver plate Martin Indiana tenor sax.

"Ten Million dollar Saxophone" A Gorgeous sixties Conn 10M tenor sax.

"Elk Horn II" Gorgeous thirties Buescher Aristocrat stencil Elkhart tenor sax.

Unrestored "Silver Bee" Amazing Cinderella like transformation, see the next item in the list for this same tenor sax after restoration.

"Silver Bee" Gorgeous 1920 Silver Buescher True Tone tenor sax.

"Frank Lloyd Wright Bee II" Great post Top Hat and Cane Buescher 400 tenor with back bells and snaps!

"King of the Tenors" is a great near pristine Keilwerth stencil tenor from the sixties.

"Golden Bee" is a Gold plate Buescher Stencil tenor from about 1920.

"Killer Bee” - 1947 Buescher Aristocrat Big B tenor 314xxx


Very Rare Gorgeous Silver Martin Typewriter Master C Melody!

Gorgeous Silver Conn Straightneck C Melody!

"Harley Martian" Fabulous and Rare Nickel plate Martin stencil Wurlitzer C Melody!

"Snappy Gold C Bee" A rare Gorgeous Gold Plate Buescher C Melody!

"C Bee IV" A very rare two tone Silver body with Gold plate keys Buescher C Melody.

"C Bee V" A very nice Silver Plate Buescher C Melody!

Listen to a silver Buescher C Melody play Battle Hymn of the Republic in the background with a voice over done for an intro to a leading edge 3D Cad site in Germany!


This Buescher 400 Pro Alto Sax was sold on Ebay October 2001. Click link for photos & description.

A nice 1955 Conn alto.

We had the pleasure of providing a lucky Ebay buyer with a 1925 Martin Handcraft alto that was nicely relacquered looks brand new!

"Indiana Jones Jr. II" Excellent condition fifties Martin Indiana alto sax!

Rare gold plate Martin Handcraft stencil alto!

"Typewriter Martian" Rare Silver plate Martin Typewriter alto sax!

Fifties German made Kohlert stencil Chesbro alto sax!

"Super Silver Elk" Very Rare Gorgeous Silver plate Buescher stencil Elkhart alto sax!

"Silver Bee" Great Silver plate Buescher True Tone alto sax!

"Gold Bee III" Rare Gold plate Buescher True Tone alto sax!



"Exquisite Golden Conn straight Soprano" Pristine Gold plate Conn straight B flat soprano sax!

"Exquisite Gold Buescher curved Soprano" Pristine Gold plate Buescher curved B flat soprano sax!