Sax On The Beach

In House Reference Saxophones

1.      “Silver and Gold Baby Bee” - Gorgeous silver body and gold keys 1921 Buescher True Tone curved soprano excellent original finish, freshened up recent overhaul, not only gorgeous, but also very rare!

2.      “Titantic II” - 1911 Evette & Schaeffer Buffet-Crampton (under Carl Fischer - New York stencil) rare Silver Baritone in fabulous condition! Made in France, Low Pitch. GORGEOUS! KILLER sound only a SILVER BARI can deliver! Heavy construction, soldered tone holes like a Martin. These are the most potent baris I have ever restored and played.

4.      “Beach Bee” - 1926 Silver Buescher alto great original silverplate. Fully overhauled! Has all its snaps and original case in excellent condition!

5.      “Aussie Chu Berry” - 1928 M202xxx Chu Berry Conn Alto in gorgeous silver plate. Originally an Aussie horn from Perth Australia he's a high pitch horn that can also play low pitch by adjusting the adjustible micro tuner neck. 

6.      “King Bee” - 1939 Keilwerth “New King” tenor 15xxx original lacquer finish only a few resonator pads, nice art deco engraving, rare horn!  Just came in and had quick playing, Wow!  Awarded honorary “Bee” status based on strength of playing and construction, first non Buescher ever to be so honored!!   J

7.      “Wanta Bee” – 1939 Buescher Aristocrat alto 290xxx in excellent original lacquer with close to original snap-in pads. Freshly overhauled, plays great

8.      “Silver Martian” - 1941 Martin stencil (Master Art) excellent original silver plate. Simply GORGEOUS!!

9.      “Silver Cannon – 1918 Miltary Wurlitzer Conn stencil silver tenor in very good condition. Most potent tenor in the shop though keywork takes a little getting used to!

10.      “Frank Lloyd Wright Bee” - 1959 Buescher 400 tenor 359xxx pristine original lacquer and pads! Number One tenor horn in the shop!! If I'm down to my last tenor this is it! 

11.      * “Princess Bee” – My original owner personal 1970 Buescher 400 alto, 538xxx in pristine original lacquer with all original snap in pads, of course, the Mark VI killer, Number One alto in my heart, Second in the shop to a 1956 Top Hat and Cane Alto!  If I’m down to my second to last horn this is it! ha ha J

12.      * “Baby” – Another personal horn that was my grandfather’s curved soprano with double octave key from the 1920’s. Despite its lack of identification, most unusual horn in the shop. Probably a Paris made Buffet.  No model name, no maker name or mark, and finally no serial number!!!  In excellent original lacquer!  Unplayable in need of an overhaul which I will give it one day.  Naturally never for sale!! If I’m down to my last horn this is it! ha ha