German Keilwerth stencil King Tempo Tenor Saxophone

Meet "King of the Tenors". The solid, yet exquisite, German design and workmanship is evident along with the huge Buescher 400 sized bell, as large as they come. The King is in exquisite original condition! Get "Made in Germany" quality and craftsmanship at a fraction of what a German made high end Keilwerth goes for new. Don't settle for cheap asian imitations.

You are bidding on a Keilwerth made King Tempo tenor saxophone imported and sold by the King company in the late sixties. According to the Keilwerth serial number of 58xxx this sax was made in Germany about 1967. In addition to the base serial number mentioned above there is another three digit number below that one that probably represents the general model or stencil grouping number. Keiwerths with their refined powerful tone and oversized bells are especially good for Rock, R&B, jazz, as well as traditional band music. This particular Keilwerth has all metal guards, not those cheesy and hard to replicate plastic guards that many of the later vintage Keilwerths suffer from. As with any German horn it has a lot of beautiful and intricate engraving on the bell. No major dents on the instrument. There are a two or three micro dings, difficult to find on the back of the body above and below the ring if you look carefully. There is some minor rippling in the usual place on the chairside of the bow. There is some scratching in various places from the left backside of the bell around the bow to the lower thumbrest and up around the ring. It has the original neck with the same matching serial number as the body. There is some of the typical wear on the usual keys and thumbrests. Overall, there is also the usual lacquer aging and wear you'd expect of the original lacquer, helping to confirm it is original. The engraving on the bell may seem to be somewhat filled in though I believe this to simply be the method or style that Keilwerth employs to eliminate the brass from being exposed and rusting. The engraving on the bell is quite even and distinct to the feel. The serial number is much more defined and deep through to the brass with no fill in at all. Same with the neck serial number engraving. From the nature of the engraving to the aging and wear to the lacquer along with the fact that most of the pads on the sax were original before the restoration, I conclude with much certainty that this is the original lacquer. Original gold lacquer is intact in the 90% plus range. Look at the pictures and see for yourself. The horn was completely torn down to the tube and scrubbed and bathed inside and out. While dissassembled the body and keys were treated with a protective coating that is not sound inhibiting like a clear lacquer, yet helps protect the original finish should the horn bump into anything. It also should reduce the wear and tear on the keys and body due to playing and handling. Then it was carefully reassembled with new Mark VI style nylon resonator pads where needed. Many of the original pads were is such very good condition that they weren't replaced. All and all I would say about a third of the pads are still the original plain pads with the remainder being later resonator replacement pads. Then it was carefully leak light tested and play adjusted and tested. It may need some more break in, just like a new horn does. I try and do what I can, but I just don't have the playing hours all these beauties may need. Hopefully, the new owner can continue this process. This is a heavy well made quality instrument, ready for some BLOWIN! Between the horn and the original case this is one of the heaviest tenors I have ever encountered! Remember this at shipping time. Pictures show most everything. No mouthpiece with this sax. Besides being a Runyon and a Morgan reseller, I may have a few tenor mouthpieces available at additional cost. I know I have at least one New Morgan Excalibur in the large chamber EL with a 7 facing.

This sax comes with its original deluxe hard case with plush lining. Due to this Keilwerth's oversize bell, any other case would have to be tested before use. This case is in good useable conditon, though it's seen better days. One of the three latches is no longer useable, though it seems to stay firmly closed with the other two in use. Also the original handle came off, probably due to the heavy weight ha ha, and was replaced with this all metal replacement one, that you could carry a refrigerator with. This is the only tenor sax I've ever come across, and that includes an earlier Keilwerth New King I have in house, that has the same enormous bell as a Buescher 400! This German made masterpiece has the sound, workmanship, and Selmer like keywork to compete with anything else ever made!

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