1948 Buescher Aristocrat "Big B" Tenor Saxophone

Comes With brand new hard case in mint condition! Never used before it, still has the tag!

Can you FEEL music as well as hear it?
You can if its a BIG "B" BOOM Horn!!


You are bidding on a Buescher Aristocrat Big "B" tenor saxophone. The serial number indicates it was made during the high water mark for Buescher Aristocrats about 1948! Although later Buescher Aristocrats in the sixties and later are considered student/intermediate level horns, this horn is a professional level earlier Aristocrat that is very close to the Buescher 400, Buescher's top horn. The 400 has a larger bell, underslung octave key on the neck, and more elaborate cosmetics including fancier engraving, but they are basically fancy Aristocrats. This Aristocrat features brown rollers, fancy marble left thumbrest, snap-in pads, and very attractive lines/proportions/engraving. Anyone who knows these horns knows the snap-in studs holding the pads act as huge resonators causing sound to be radiated outward very aggressively. They are what give Super Bee his Sting! Apologies to the ex-Policeman, but even he can't drown out or arrest this horn! Check the pictures for these features!! In addition, the neckpiece appears to be original. Cosmetically it is a dark gold color which is very attractive as you can see!!! Only Selmer and Buescher have really been true to Adolphe Sax's unique design of a parabolically curved bore producing the much desired "sweeter" sound in the upper notes and the deep richness in the lower ones. Perhaps that reason, and super Buescher horns like this, later lead to the Selmer and Buescher companies merging in the early sixties!! I have to look to find anything wrong, but here goes. The bottom is in good condition with no major flatness or dents only some very small side dings barely noticable only if you look in the right place. There is thiness of lacquer in various areas around the bell and on some of the keys and mechanisms. This includes some typical age small spots on valve covers though not as bad as most similar vintage horns. There are no significant dents or dings on the body that I can see. There are a few scratches on the back in the usual places and near the serial number. Also there is some typical wear on the thumb rests and keys. The ring has some wear on it that indicates past use of metal hooks before plastic ones got popular. This could possibly use some solder reinforcing some time in the future when its convenient, nothing serious yet. Gold finish is intact in about the 85-90% range. There really aren't any lacquer less areas, just some areas of thiness and lacquer darkening. Look at the pictures and see for yourself. As far as pads, all of the snap-in pads are in good condition and a number were replaced with new ones very recently. It plays WONDERFULLY: a rich DEEP FAT TONE that only a fine professional level forties Buescher tenor can provide at a fraction of the cost of an equivalent Buescher 400 in maybe not this nice a condition. This is a great horn! Ready for some Blowin! Pictures show most everything! The finish over large areas of the horn is nice and shiny!! This is a solid playable instrument with the fast action, great looks, and great sound of a forties professional level Buescher. Hard to find such a playable pro level Buescher that looks so great at an affordable price!! Comes with a Goldentone number 3 mouthpiece and ligature/reed holder with an attractive silver classic mouthpiece cover.

This sax comes with a brand new MBT form fitting deluxe hard case with plush lining that still has the tag hanging from it!!! This case was never used before I placed this sax in it today!!

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