Annsporpoise Guarantee & Return Policy

Our goal, is a happy and satisfied buyer! We strive to provide outstanding products and service and guarantee our products to be satisfactory with certain limitations. We guarantee items to be as described in the listing and in the working or playing condition described when shipped out. Keep in mind that shipping trama can cause an instrument to go out of adjustment no matter how well it is packed. This is especially true when shipping longer distances over three hundred miles. If upon receiving your purchase, you feel it does not meet the standards described in our listings please contact us immediately by email, then return the item at your shipping expense and we will refund the bid amount. We cannot refund shipping costs, especially for overseas bidders. For a refund, buyer must contact us within 48 hours of receiving the item. Item must be shipped within 7 days. Refund offers immediately become null and void if negative or neutral feedback is left.


We cannot be personally responsible for shipping damage. We insure all items over $50.00 and will work with you in supplying any documentation necessary for filing insurance claims. In addition we pack all items very securely. However, trauma can occur during shipping which can affect the inner workings and performance of instruments, electronic equipment and other items. Depending on the carrier and on the type of damage, insurance may or may not cover trauma damage.

As Ebay Power Sellers, quality service is our pledge to our buyers.


Email us with any questions about this or for any further information.




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