Sax On The Beach

Located in the world's largest resort city , Virginia Beach , Sax On The Beach offers, mostly through eBay as "Annsporpoise", some of the finest vintage Saxophones available anywhere. Here you see a Chesapeake Bay beach at the famous
Duck Inn, soon to be closed, with a view of one of the longest bridge tunnel complexes in the world over water to the Delmarva Peninsula or Eastern Shore. It's called the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel and truly was a world class engineering marvel when it opened over forty years ago in 1964 and is still one of the largest today! Besides many miles of bay beaches Virginia Beach also has many miles of
Atlantic Ocean beachs. Some of the city's beaches are untouched by human development in three parks called: First Landing/Seashore State Park, Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge, and False Cape State park.

At Sax On The Beach we locate, buy, overhaul, evaluate, and repair Saxes to
offer our buyers the best in products and services. Every sax gets special treatment and we make every effort to fully describe each instrument's pluses and minuses, including all flaws or hidden problems we see. We also attempt to answer all questions in language that is understandable to the relative amateur or professional. We optimize each instrument's playability and performance or customize as requested. Customization can include lowered key action, upgraded pads and resonators like Music Medic/Saxgourmet style white Kangaroo pads and gold plated Noyek resonators as an example, or special cleaning/polishing and finish protection for silver/gold/nickel/chrome plate or lacquer finishes. We can even help you identify the make and approximate vintage of your sax if you are uncertain. Just e mail us and tell us the details of your sax and possibly send pictures, if it's a rare model. As Ebay Power Sellers, quality service is our pledge to our buyers.